Redlands Performing Arts Centre (RPAC)
Redland Performing Arts Centre
2/16 Middle St,
Redlands Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) first opened in 2008 and has since been added on and refurbished to become is Redland City's premier venue for live performances and cultural events. For the duration of the camp we will have full access of the first class facilities however, we ask that you be mindful of the safety of others and use the facilities available to you wisely throughout the camp. 
The Auditorium is a large all which may be used as general gathering place and hang out space in students spare time. There is a raised stage at the front where the designated teacher will instruct while the students are on the floor. With the ability to comfortably fit at least 170 people seated; there will be plenty of room to dance and move.
The Concert Hall is where our main showcase stage and seats up to 550 patrons as well as being wheelchair accessible throughout. The Concert Hall is a world class stage of acoustic excellence primarily designed for small to medium orchestral & fine music.
Some camp classes will be taught in the Auditorium and our main performance night on the sunday will be in the Concert Hall. At other times it will be used as general gathering place and hang out space. 


This years Embrace the Hype will travel between quite a few venues and for those who are planning on travelling to and from the event each day/come to individual classes a description and location of each of the venues is shown below.