13-14 July 2019

What is taking place?
Embrace the Hype is taking place at Redland Performing Arts Centre. This event will be a KOB and EBS Qualifier as well as workshops from our amazing teachers from around the globe.


Sherwin "Beast" Salonga
     a.k.a Baby Tight Eyex, Leader of Beastcamp
Hailing from Los Angeles Sherwin is a past Krump World Champion and known for being one of the hardest working people within the industry. As the leader of the "BeastCamp" an international Krump brand he has shown time and time again that he is a giant in the community and a true professional.
He has danced on some of the biggest stages in the world outside of the Krump industry and is constantly drawing upon other sources of inspiration to innovate his dance. Sherwin has visited Australia more than any other overseas Krumper. This due to his ‘big homie’/’big brother’ relationship with some of Australia’s elite krumpers. This Krump terms means there is a familial bond with these dancers, flying over for birthdays and other significant moments of the dancers life. We are proud to have Sherwin back again for another iteration of Embrace the Hype.
Anton "Slam" Pashulya
     Leader of Russian Krump Movement, Organiser of "Krumpire"
Anton is head organiser of the biggest Krump camp in the world "The Krumpire" and a pioneer of the Russian Krump community. As a leader of the Russian movment he has been able to directly influence the growth of the scene and is one of the main reasons it is where it is today. An amazing dancer in his own right he has won more than 40 events all over the world and is constantly being invited to different countries to teach and judge the best that they have to offer.
Anton is also a returning teacher and we cannot wait to see him again!
Kwame "Wave" Osei
     a.k.a. Kid Eyex, Organiser of EBS Krump World Championships
Flying in from Germany Kwame Osei is one of the founders of the "European Buck Session" the Krump world championships. As one of the pioneers of the Europen community he is known for creativity, attention to detail and style. In the past Kwame has worked in commercial productions, video clips, live shows, tours and animated television programs showing his versatility as an artist. Last year we were lucky enough for him to trust us with the Australian Qualifier of the world championships and he was very impressed.This year will be his first time coming to Australia and we are excited for him to see our talent and our people first hand.

Junichiro "Twiggz" Sato
     a.k.a. Young Style Ripper, Organiser of King of Buck (KOB)
Twiggz is a pioneer of Japanese Krump. He was entrusted by Tight Eyex (One of the creators of Krump) with the future of Japanese Krump and he has been building a bridge between Japan and the world. Twiggz fam is the greatest Krump family in Japan and focuses on innovation and power. Twiggz has won many events around the world in both the commercial and underground scene. He's quite a versatile artist and is also a credited actor and model. In his travels he strives always strive to bring his own culture to the table and loves the opportunities he has received with Krump. Embrace the Hype will be seeing him in person for the first time in 2019 and we cannot wait!
(Partial view of the floor from the stage)
(View of the stage from the floor)


The timetable for Embrace The Hype 2019 is below click to download.


This year Embrace the Hype is opening up even more doors for dancers. We will be partnering with three events around the world and they are listed below.
European Buck Session (EBS) Krump World Championships
Held in Germany, Embrace the Hype will be offering free flights and free entry into the event as a prize for the winner of the EBS Australia Qualifier.
Krumpire Russia World's Biggest Krump Camp
Held in Dusseldorf, Embrace the Hype will be offering a fully paid for experience including flights and accomodation to the 2020 Krumpire as a prize for the winner of the Krumpire Australia Qualifier.
King of Buck (KOB)
Held in Tokyo each year, Embrace the Hype will be offering a flights and free entry into the event as a prize for the winner of the King of Buck Australia Qualifier.